Please read the Terms & Conditions carefully before submitting your Applications. Submitting the Application signifies that you understand the conditions, acknowledge that these obligations must be met in a timely manner, and recognise that failure to do so will invalidate your Application. Our purpose in emphasizing these conditions is to avoid misunderstandings that could lead to cancellation of your Application.

Please read the Terms & Conditions of the Grand Audition for full information before registering !


You have to be at least 17 years of age Graduate of Professional Ballet School to Apply

Or: Experienced professional dancer (must be not older than 26 years of age at the time of Audition)


FEMALE DANCERS (minimum height 160cm)

MALE DANCERS (minimum height 170 cm)

Each Applicant must register online ( and submit following:

  1. Video Link recording of himself/herself in class or in any variation (does not have to be from the GA Variation List)

  2. Headshot/Portrait Photograph - in an "Arabesque" (Female Candidates on Pointe, Male Candidates on Demi-Pointe)

  3. Registration fee €45 (Forty five Euro) non-refundable payment must be paid once Online Form is submitted. Fees must be paid via Online Payment by Credit Card. 

  4. Accepted Candidates must confirm their participation by making additional payment of non-refundable Administration Fee €165 (One hundred sixty five Euro). Fees must be paid via Online Payment by Credit Card within 3 calendar days of acceptance email notification.

  5. Confirmed Participation 

Once Candidate confirms participation he/she will be required to submit additional video material which must include specific sequences for the Round 1and Round 2 . Video must be submitted within 2 weeks (14 calendar days).

Video must be HD quality (make sure your device -Camera or iPhone - is set properly before recording) filmed horizontally, in the studio. Video File Name must be of Candidate’s full name – First and Last name (example: . Name of the Candidate should not appear on the actual video footage! Video should be not edited and must be filmed in one go!

Should Applicant fail to provide requested documents and video material in the required format APPLICANT WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED AND FEES WILL BE LOST!


1st Round will be conducted by requested video

Selection of the Candidates for the 2nd Round will be carried out by Artistic Directors


2nd Round will be conducted by requested video

After the 2nd Round D&D Art Productions will perform agency service for each chosen by Artistic DIRECTOR Candidate(s) separately. 

Both 1st and 2nd Round will be transmitted online via YouTube live with Artistic Directors present watching. Selected Candidates from the 1st and 2nd Round will be posted on our website. All Companies presented at the 2021GA will have vacancies and they range from: trial contracts (short term), production contracts, full contracts, apprentice, corps de ballet, soloist and principal contracts. 




All payments must be made with credit card via Online Payment System!


Cancellation/withdraws before or during the GRAND AUDITION does not entitle the reimbursement of any fee.