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Please read the Terms & Conditions carefully before submitting your Registrations. Submitting the Registration signifies that you understand the conditions, acknowledge that these obligations must be met on time, and recognize that failure to do so will invalidate your Registration. Our purpose in emphasizing these conditions is to avoid misunderstandings that could lead to the cancellation of your Application.

Please read the Terms & Conditions of the Grand Audition for full information before applying!


Participants must be 17 years of age by the time of the event, and a Graduate of a Professional Ballet School,

Or: Experienced professional dancer (must be not older than 26 years of age by the time of the Audition)


FEMALE DANCERS (minimum height 160cm)

MALE DANCERS (minimum height 175 cm)

The registration process will close on December 15, 2024, or once the number of accepted dancers reaches its limit despite the set Deadline!


Step 1 - Application

Fill out an Online Registration Form 

Insert the link of your Video recording of the required exercises showing the Candidate's full potential.

The video has to be recent and not older than 5 months.
We may request additional video material if needed.

All Exercises for Ladies must be on pointe




Entrechat six
Petit Allegro

Grand Allegro

Exercises for Men are the same as above plus:

Double tours en l'air

Candidate must Upload two (2) color photographs with a clear background

SELFIES will not be accepted

1- Headshot photograph 

1 - Photograph in "Arabesque" in appropriate ballet attire showing a clear line of the dancer.



Should Candidat fail to provide the required documents in the format necessary, ENTRY WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED!

Non-refundable payment of the Registration fee of €45  (VAT 21% included) must be paid once Registration is submitted via the online payment system. Registrations without payment are incomplete, and entry will not reach us.

First, fill out an Online Registration Form, then proceed with payment, not the other way around!

Step 2 - Selection

D&D Art Productions' artistic team will assess the candidate's ability and level. The Candidate shall be notified of the results by the email address provided on the Registration Form within 5 working days. The decision of the artistic team is final and no further discussion or email exchange will take place!

PLEASE MAKE SURE that the email address is entered correctly on the Form. We will only respond to the email provided on the Form.


Step 3 - Confirmation of the participation 

Once Candidate is informed of their acceptance to Grand Audition, they must do the following:

Confirm participation within 3 (three) days. Please note; Participation is not confirmed until payment is made. "Event Administrative Fee" of €290 (VAT 21% included) must be paid within 3 (three) calendar days of the selection notification before your Entry expires! Candidates must check their email "Spam"  folder regularly, sometimes our emails are placed there.

All payments can be made via  our online payment system

The Candidate understands that, by making the "Event Administrative payment" the Dancer is hiring an Agency
"D&D Art Productions" (referred to in the Agreement as "ORGANISER") to make this event possible and to enable the Dancer to take part in the event of the Grand Audition to be observed by multiple directors representing professional ballet companies. 

Candidate should not confirm participation unless he/she agrees and accepts the “Terms and Conditions” as well as the following:


Reimbursements are allowed ONLY in case of illness or injuries and ONLY if the Candidate presents 2 (two) different medical certificates from 2 (two) different Specialised Physicians. Certificates issued by a Physiotherapist and Osteopaths are NOT ACCEPTED. Handwritten Certificates are NOT ACCEPTED. Long-term Injuries/illnesses resulting from previous or old chronic injuries/illnesses will not be considered for the reimbursements. 

Please be aware: For some GA Event Locations, Reimbursements are not offered, please refer to the Terms and Conditions of each event.

All the Certificates issued by the physicians/doctors must be on the official medical blank with letterhead and must bear the name of the institution/clinic with the exact address. The certificates must specify the diagnosis in accordance with the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems. It must include the date of the injury or illness, the date of issue of the certificate, the Physician / Doctors signature, and the Collegiate number of the Doctor, Authority Centre where this certificate was issued. Certificates for reimbursements must be submitted by the deadline set in the Terms and Conditions  (date to be announced).

Certificates of injuries or illnesses that occurred after the given deadline, are NOT ACCEPTED. Injuries that occurred due to an old injury are not eligible for a refund. 

The maximum reimbursement of 200 Euro will be given to the injured/ill Candidate upon presentation of all required documents in time. Any information provided will be strictly confidential and will not be shared under any circumstances. 

Any other cancellation/withdrawal before or during the GRAND AUDITION for ANY reason, including flight cancelation, contract acceptance via another source, or not being able to travel for whatever reason, does not entitle the reimbursement of any fee.




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