Terms and Conditions

Due to current worldwide Covid19 situation we will have limited number of participants

By Submitting an Online Application Applicant signs this Agreement and understands the conditions, agrees with its terms, acknowledges that all the obligations mentioned in Terms and Conditions must be met in a timely manner, and recognises, that failure to do so will invalidate Candidate's Application.

You have to be at least 17 years of age Graduate of Professional Ballet School to Apply


Experienced professional dancer (not older than 26 years of age at the time of Audition)

FEMALE DANCERS (minimum height 160cm)
MALE DANCERS (minimum height 170+ cm)


  1.     By signing this Agreement, Candidate or his/her parent or legal representatives and Organiser are, or may be, giving up some important legal rights. Before signing this Agreement, Candidate or his/her parent or legal representatives should carefully read this Agreement in order to fully understand the legal rights that he/she is or may be giving up.

2.     The Grand Audition is organized by Dance & Dancers Art Productions to be referred in this Agreement as the “Organiser”, registered applicant/participant of the Grand Audition to be referred in this Agreement as the “Candidate”. His/her Parent or legal representatives of the applicants below 18 years of age will be referred in this Agreement as the “Candidate”.

3.     Application for the Grand Audition implies a full acceptance of the Terms & Conditions between the Parties: the Organiser and the Candidate (or his/her legal representative). This agreement is deemed read and accepted when the Candidate (or his/her legal representative) clicks on the button “Submit and proceed to the payment” of the Online Application form related to the Terms & Conditions.

4.     The purpose of the Grand Audition is to provide the opportunity to the young professional dancers to audition in front of several ballet company Artistic Directors or their official Representatives in view of getting a position within these companies.

5.     Only Candidates between 17 to 26 years old by the date of the audition JANUARY 2021 can apply. Candidates under 18 years old at the date of application must have their parents or legal representatives validating the Online Application Form.

6.     It is the responsibility of the Candidate to ensure that they have the adequate identification documents and, if necessary, valid visa to travel to France to participate in the Grand Audition. "Organiser" does not issue Visa supporting letters or any documents in relation to Visa.

7.     Organiser does not provide: travel, accommodation, or meals during the Grand Audition

8.     The registration process is as follows: Deadline of the Application process is set for 00.00am MADRID time - DECEMBER 30, 2020 (We reserve the rights to close application process once the amount of the accepted applicants reached its limit). If the application is submitted on the last day of the deadline application processing fee must be paid instantly. Once accepted, Administration fee Must be paid within 5 days of the acceptance email notification letter. Unpaid applications within given time frame will be automatically terminated and Application Processing fee will be lost. Receipt of the payment must be provided if the payment is made via Bank transfer.

How to Apply

Candidate should complete an Online Application Form available on the website of Grand Audition (www.grandaudition.net). Online Application Form includes a link for the video of Candidate submitting the Form, include password if the access to the video is protected. Video has to be recent, not older than 6 months.

Video must include:

A) Variation from the classical ballet repertoire showing dancer clearly (any variation, does not have to be from the GA list of variations)
B) Exercises on centre: For Ladies on pointe 

- Adagio 
- Pirouettes
- Entrechat six 
- Grand Allegro 
- Double tours - (for Gentlemen only)


Candidate MUST upload two (2) colour photographs with clear background when filling out the Application. Images must be high resolution! File should not exceed 2MB.

1 - Headshot with clear background 
1 - In Arabesque (Demi - Pointe for gentlemen, On Pointe for Ladies) or a Ballet Position that shows Candidates full body line

("SELFIES" are not acceptable) * Photographs taken on the Beach / Forest / City / Car / Screenshots / are not accepted!!! Application will not be accepted and fee will be lost!)

Failure of providing above mentioned material in requested format will automatically lead to disqualification of the application and processing fee will be lost. 

Non-refundable Application Processing fee of total €45.00 (which includes 21% IVA) must be paid via  Online Payment when submitting the registration or by Bank Transfer, Candidate or his/her parent or legal representatives must provide the receipt of the payment via email: grandaudition[at]outlook.com if the fees are paid via bank transfer (see below for bank details). Application fee is non-refundable! 

Candidate must confirm their participation at the Grand Audition by return email within three (3) calendar days of the selection notification.

Payments made by bank transfer must be Net of bank charges and with the name of the Candidate in the Reference field.

Account name: Dance & Dancers Art Productions
Bank: Sabadell
BAN: ES91 0081 0113 1100 0155 2558
Address: Sant Pere, 7, 17310 - Lloret De Mar

PLEASE NOTE that unpaid Application will not be reviewed and will be automatically terminated without further notice within one (1) day.

If the Date of Birth entered incorrectly your application will not be accepted and registration fee will be lost.

A jury led by the Artistic team of (Dance & Dancers Art Productions) will assess Candidate's ability and their level. The Candidate shall be notified of the results by the email address provided in the application form at the latest by DECEMBER 30, 2020. The decision of the jury is final.

Selected Candidates of the Grand Audition must:


Confirm participation by making administration payment of €290 (this includes IVA 21%) for the Grand Audition within 5 calendar days of the acceptance email notification letter. Failure to make payment by the appropriate deadline will result in the cancellation of your application. Fees are non-refundable nor transferable to any other participant or other GA event. 

Candidate Must choose and submit Variation which he/she will be presenting for the second round if selected by Artistic Director(s) after class. Variation can be changed as long as it is from the list provided. Please see the list of Variations.

Candidate Must have USB with music file (mp3 / format .wav format) of the Variation presented. If the Candidate is selected for 2nd round USB must be submitted in time, defined by Organiser. USB must contain ONLY recording of the variation presented.

Candidate without audio recording of the Variation will not be allowed to the 2nd round. 


PLEASE CAREFULLY REVIEW AND CHECK your registration information before submission.

PLEASE MAKE SURE TO CHECK the email address entered on the Application form is correct. We will only respond to an email entered by the Candidate on the Online Application Form. D&D Art Productions is not responsible for the information entered in the Application by the participants or their representatives.

IT IS THE CANDIDATE’S RESPONSIBILITY to review the information they enter and make sure it is correct.


At the Grand Audition


  1. A presentation of the Artistic Directors.

  2. Class in presence of Artistic Directors who will select the dancers they would like to see presenting a variation.

  3. D&D Art Productions Representative will post the selected Candidates numbers on the board after each class is over.

  4. All decisions by Artistic Directors are final.

  5.  Parents / Teachers / Participants are not permitted to observe Grand Audition classes.


  1. Selected Candidates warm-up Class (without Artistic Directors)

  2. Variations presented in front of the Artistic Directors.

  3. After variation presentation, Artistic Directors will make their selection of the Candidates.

  4. D&D Representative will post the selected Candidates numbers on the board after the meeting with Artistic Directors

  5. Candidates that are identified as a potential recruits will be called in for a meeting(s) with Artistic Director(s).

  6.  Candidates who did not pass to the second round and staying, are allowed to observe from the audience at no additional charge.

Reimbursements / Cancellations

1. Reimbursements are allowed ONLY in case of illness or injuries and ONLY if the student / candidate presents 2 (two) different medical certificates from 2 (two) different Specialised Physicians. Certificates issued by a Physiotherapist and Osteopaths are NOT ACCEPTED. Handwritten Certificates are NOT ACCEPTED. Long-term Injuries/illness resulting from previous or old chronic injuries/illness will not be considered for the reimbursements.

2. All the Certificates issued by the physicians/doctors must be on the official medical blank with letterhead and must bear the name of the institution/clinic with the exact address. The certificates must specify the diagnosis in accordance with the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems. It must include the date of the Injury or illness, date of issue of the certificate, the Physicians / Doctors signature and Collegiate number of the Doctor and the Authority Centre where this certificate was issued. Certificates for reimbursements must be submitted no later than November 20, 2020 (One month before the deadline of the registration). Certificates of injuries or illness that occurred after November 20, 2020, are NOT ACCEPTED. Injuries that occurred due to an old injury are not eligible for refund. 

3. Maximum reimbursement of 200 Euro will be given to the injured/ill Candidate in case he/she is able to provide all the necessary documents in the right time.

4. Any other cancellation/withdraws before or during the GRAND AUDITION does not entitle the reimbursement of any fee. If Candidate decides not to attend / participate in GRAND AUDITION at the last minute for any reason he/she is not eligible for the refund. Candidates will not be transferred from one Grand Audition event to the other if such event takes place. 

Image Rights

The Candidate or his parents / legal representatives understand and agree that during the GRAND AUDITION, he/she may be photographed and/or filmed during the audition or performance of the Variation. The Candidate or his parents / legal representatives grants D&D Art Productions an unrestricted right to use in any form the image, picture, likeness, voice, and/or name of the Candidate for all D&D Art Productions promotional materials including brochures, newspaper articles, books, and/or television and for commercial purposes. Candidate agrees to adhere to the policies therein.
Video is not for sale and it is a property of D&D Art Productions. 


Candidate or his parents / legal representatives hereby agrees to indemnify and hold harmless D&D Art Productions and/or the agents, employees and directors of this institution (collectively, the “Indemnified Parties”) for any loss, claim, damage, suit, costs or expenses, including attorneys’ fees and court costs, resulting from or arising out of any injury to any person or damage to property, caused by the Candidate or whether caused in whole or in part by the negligence of the Indemnified Parties, incurred as a result of or during the GRAND AUDITION or any activities in connection with the GRAND AUDITION.

Assumption of the Risk of Participation and Use of D&D Premises

By signing this Agreement, Candidate or his parents / legal representatives agree to assume full responsibility for, and risk of, bodily injury, death or property damage to which relate to or arise out Candidate’s entry into or use of the D&D Art Productions Premises in any way. By signing this Agreement Candidate or his parents / legal representatives acknowledge that the risks associated with entry into and use of the D&D Premises may be both foreseen and unforeseen, and may include serious physical injury and/or death, and other personal and property damages, and agree to assume all associated risks.


It is mandatory that the Candidate takes out personal health / medical, travel and accident insurance which is valid in Spain. 


The Declaration

I declare that all the information that I have provided is complete and accurate and I am fit to participate in the event.

I, the undersigned, hereby declare that I know that I am about to participate in a Dance activity that demands significant physical effort.
I hereby declare that I am healthy and fit for the activity and have trained for it accordingly.
I understand that my participation in Grand Audition event, under the circumstances that I am not adequately in physical form, may endanger my health. 
I am aware that the organizing committee of the event, the hosting party, the organizers and producers and sponsors will not undertake
any responsibility for any harm that I may endure, including bodily harm that may occur prior to the event, during or thereafter, nor are they responsible for any lost or damaged belongings. 
I declare that if during the Grand Audition, I suffer or if I suspect that I suffer from any sickness, including fever, digestive issues or cough, then I will consult a physician prior to the event and receive permission to participate.
I hereby grant permission to the production company, and the related Grand Audition sponsors, organizers, management and producers to use any photographs and videos of me without payment or compensation for the purpose of public relations, marketing, TV and advertising. 

Force Majeure

Should events beyond the reasonable control of the Parties to this Agreement, including but not limited to (1) acts of God, (2) war, including armed conflict, (3) strikes or labour disputes, (4) an epidemic or pandemic, (5) government regulation or advisory (including travel advisory warnings), (6) civil disturbance, (7) terrorism or threats of terrorism as substantiated by governmental warnings or advisory notices, (8) curtailment of transportation services or facilities which would materially affect attendees from attending the Event, (9) disaster, fire, earthquakes, hurricanes, (10) unseasonable extreme inclement weather, (11) shortages or disruption of the electrical power supply causing blackouts or rolling blackouts or other essential utilities or (12) any other cause reasonably beyond the Parties' control (collectively referred to as "occurrences"), making the event commercially impracticable, impracticable to perform, illegal, or impossible to fully perform under this Agreement as the Parties originally contracted.  These events should affect the region where the GRAND AUDITION takes place. In such case the affected Party may terminate this Agreement, without liability and without having to refund the registration fee, upon written notification. When stated in any provision of this Agreement, "without liability" means that there will be no liquidated damages, attrition fees, cancellation fees, reimbursement of costs, service charges, or any direct, consequential, compensatory, special incidental damages or any other damages or amounts of any nature whatsoever.

Choice of Law and Forum Selection

These Terms & Conditions are governed by and shall be construed in accordance with the laws of Catalunya (Spain). The Parties agree that any dispute related to the present agreement should be addressed amicably. In case of failure to resolve the issue amicably, the parties submit all their disputes arising out of or in connection with this Agreement to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Barcelona.

The Candidate or his parents / legal representatives voluntarily sign this Agreement and further agrees that no oral statements or inducement apart from the foregoing written agreement have been made.