Dear friends! 


Despite the difficult situation in the world due to Covid-19, D&D Art Productions will proceed with 2021 Grand Audition (GA). Before making the decision we had a discussion with Artistic Directors of the ballet companies and conducted a survey among potential GA participants. We came to the conclusion that at this time the safest and most correct way to conduct our project would be online.


We have developed a detailed plan for conducting GA online in accordance with the wishes of the Artistic Directors. Each accepted GA Candidate will receive detailed instructions regarding the videos that must be submitted to complete the GA phases (Round 1 & 2). The rules developed by us will allow artists to demonstrate their abilities, and directors to evaluate each participant individually. D&D team will do everything possible to ensure that the GA online format remains at the same high level as it was in all previous years. 


Taking into account the financial difficulties associated with the global situation, we have decided to reduce the cost of participation in GA. In 2021, the cost will be €210, this amount consists of €45 registration fee and preliminary selection and €165 participation itself. Instructions for participation in GA-2021 will be sent to each accepted Candidate individually once participation is confirmed.